Pergasingan Hill Top One Day Trip

Pergasingan trip


Pergasingan Hill Top One Day Trip is a soft and easy trekking up to the top of Pergasingan hill (Bukit Pergasingan) in Sembalun Village in one day. This tour is combined with a tour to the biggest waterfalls in Lombok. Sendang Gile and Tiu Kelep Waterfall that is located in Senaru village on the foothill of Mount Rinjani.

Pergasingan Hill (Bukit Pergasingan) is one of the best destinations for soft hiking or camping activity during your holiday in Lombok, Indonesia. Pergasingan hill is captivating enough. The stunning natural scenery, rice-field, the foggy Sembalun village is enhanced by the view of Mount Rinjani. Pergasingan hill is located on a hill north of the Sembalun Village with 1,806 meter above sea level, usually some visitor use this place for training before hiking to Mount Rinjani, but sometime this hill has been in use for an extreme sport such as paragliding, mountain bike etc. You can enjoy beautiful scenery around Pergasingan Hill, also known as paradise for photographers.

Pergasingan hill


Pergasingan hill can be a good alternative for hiking or camping trips in Lombok if the ascent of Mount Rinjani climbing lane is being closed during the rainy season in January until the end of March.

The hill is arguably one of the coolest sights in Lombok. because of the sights that can be seen all the way up to the hilltop and very diverse. For example coolest is the scenery of rice fields forming a checkerboard pattern,  On the hill with an altitude of 1806 meters above sea level, Mount Rinjani sturdy looks are nearby. So, for that can not be climbed Mount Rinjani, Pergasingan Hill climbing can be a panacea before embracing Rinjani actual peak.

The climb is not as difficult as climbing on the mountain, though you should still be careful when riding. Towards the top of the hill, you will be facilitated by the presence of a round of hundreds of pieces, and then climbing over a rocky dirt track. Be careful, because the path with a slope ranging from 60-70 degrees will greet you with a lot of challenges.

Pergasingan hill trekking trails


What to see: 

  • The view of Mount Rinjani summit
  • Sembalun Rice field
  • Sembalun Valley view
  • Edelweis flower
  • Sendang Gile Waterfall
  • Tiu Kelep Waterfall

Who can do this trip:

All trekkers and non trekker, couple, group and family with kid

Pick up arrangements:

  • Free of charge for pick up in the area of Senggigi, Mataram city, Bangsal harbour, Pemenang, Tanjung and Senaru
  • Additional charge USD15/person pick up in the area of Kuta Beach, Gili island, Sekotong Beach, Lembar, Selong Belanak, Tetebatu

Drop off point:

  • Free of charge for dropping off after the trek in the area of Senggigi, Mataram city, Bangsal harbour, Pemenang, Tanjung and Senaru
  • dditional charge USD15/person for dropping off after the trek in the area of Kuta Beach, Gili island, Sekotong Beach, Lembar, Selong Belanak, Tetebatu
Tiu Kelep Waterfall Senaru Village


05.00 : Pick up from hotel and transfer to starting point in Sembalun Lawang Village

07.30: Arrive at Sembalun Lawang Village, start hiking leading through the hills of Pergasingan tended vegetable gardens and rice fields that surround Sembalun Lawang. The first stop is on the ridge of the Pergasingan Hill, a spot distance of approximately 1.5 hours from Sembalun Lawang village. the ridge trail leading through a very extensive grassland. enjoy snacks while here.

From the ridge continue  to the summit of Pergasingan Hilltop, a place where you can watch the entire village of Sembalun and hills that surround it.

10.00: Reach the Summit of Pergasingan Hill., when you are at the top of Pergasingan Hill, you’ll be amazed at how beautiful this world was created and your mind will be pampered by the beauty of the universe in its unique beautiful design.  Walk around the hilltop Pergasingan where all sides offer different panoramic views. The western part of the hill you will clearly see how beautiful Mount Rinjani is clearly visible. The peak of the southern part offers beautiful scenery of rice fields of the Sembalun’s farmers that seemed to be deliberately arranged but all that was there naturally. Overall, you will enjoy and breathe the air that is normally carried by the wind that accompanies us to relieve stress or boredom.

11.00: Depart Pergasingan Hill top back down to Sembalun Lawang Village.

13.00 : Arrive at Sembalun Lawang village, Lunch at the local Restaurant. After lunch, continue the trip to Senaru village to visit the Waterfall TIu Kelep and Sendang Gile, swimming at the waterfall for refreshing.

From waterfall drive back to your hotel.

18.30 Arrive at your hotel

Package Price

Number of Person

Price per Person

1 Person  USD 120
2 Persons  USD 70
3 Persons  USD 60
4 Persons – Up  USD 50

The package includes:

  • Private transportation with air con car and petrol
  • English speaking driver
  • Entrance ticket for Pergasingan hill
  • Entrance ticket for Sendang Gile and Tiu Kelep Waterfall
  • Trekking guide
  • Drinking water
  • Lunch

How to Book:

  • Send your inquiry by WhatsApp, email or fill the booking form with details number of the person, name(s) list, pick up point (hotel name)
  • Your reservation will be guaranteed 100% without deposit. The reservation minimum 24 hours in advance

Term of Payment:

  • Full payment on the spot on the day of the trip with cash in USD or local currency
  • Online payment available via PayPal and should be settled in advanced to the following PayPal account :
Pergasingan hill