Kuta Beach

 Kuta Beach – A Paradise beach on South Lombok

The best-known place on the south coast is Lombok’s Kuta Beach (Sometime spelt Kute Beach) a magnificent stretch of white sand and blue sea with rugged hills rising around it, famous for its surfing spots. Kuta Beach LombokKuta Beach Lombok is the main town and tourism center on the south coast of Lombok which has been attracting  visitors for its beautiful virgin beaches and surfing spots. Surfers from all over the world find Kuta Lombok as a surfer paradise.
Kuta Lombok and surrounding beaches have gained an international reputation for some of the best surfing destination in Southeast Asia. It is here that the gentle waters surrounding Lombok meet the currents of the Indian Ocean, forming great swells and surf breaks.

Many visitors come back year after year to surf the famous Kuta waves for the great surf location at Gerupuk, Tanjung A’an and nearby beaches. Whether you are an experienced surfer or a beginner you will find the surf spot for you. Surf boards & boogie boards are available to rent or bring your own.
You will need transport to the waves from Kuta, most guests choose to rent motorcycles which come with a special surf rack attached.
Kuta beach Lombok just 15 minutes drive from New International Airport in Lombok (Bandara Udara Internasional Lombok) Tanjung Ann Beach Lombok
The drive to Kuta Lombok is an interesting rural tour of small villages and farming communities. Field of tobacco, corn and peanut line the roadsides and farmers till the fields using antiquated ploughs pulled by large water buffalo. Just before arriving in Kuta Beach Lombok, the road passes two traditional Sasak Villages –  Sade and Rambitan. On the east side of the road is Rambitan, a village that caters to tourists and has authentic clusters of thatched Lumbung (rice barns) and traditional homes made of thatch and bamboo with hardened cow and buffalo dung.
There are accommodation available at Kuta Beach, from backpacker home stay range to luxury hotel such as Novotel Hotel and Bumbangku Bungalow further south from Kuta beach.
Backpackers hotel at Kuta Beach Lombok includes Surfer Inn, Puri Rinjani, Tastura Boutique Resort, Segara Anak Home stay, Kuta Indah.
Restaurant also easy to find at Kuta beach Lombok, most of the hotels and home stay in Kuta Beach Lombok completed with restaurant serve both Indonesia and western food
The paradise of Kuta Lombok includes Tanjung A’an, Mawun, Selong Belanak, Mawi, Gerupuk and Bumbang.

Tanjung Ann Lombok
Tanjung Aan is located 4 KM from main beach of Kuta Lombok, it has perfect white sand beaches and clear water good for snorkeling and swimming.

Gerupuk Beach
Gerupuk beach is 2 KM further to the east from Tanjung Aan Beach, well known as the top surf location and situated on a peninsula of land that just out into the ocean with stunning views of the sea. There is a good surf school here and no fewer than five surf breaks.

Bumbang beach
Bumbang beach is further to the east from Gerupuk beach, there is simple cottages and a charming restaurant sit right on the sand of Bumbang beach for those who wishing to stay a few days, surfing and exploring the eastern beaches.

Mawun Beach Grupuk Beach – surfing point
Mawun beach is located on the west of Kuta beach, its about 30 minutes drive through the hill with fantastic view. Its a spectacular beach with calm blue water, good for swimming and a day lazing on the white sand.

Mawi Beach
Mawi beach is another 7 Km from Mawun beach, has good right barrels for surfing when the swell is large enough. At other times, it is a lovely beach with impressive views of Gili Lawang just offshore with three pinnacles of rock jutting out of the ocean.

Selong Belanak
Selong Belanak is further to the west, the road quite bumpy to reach this place. Make sure to go with experience local guide and good vehicle. Once there you can enjoy very spectacular beach views.

Transportation to and from Kuta Lombok

1. Taxi Service
Metered taxi available upon request 24 hours service. From new International Lombok Airport is just 15 minutes drive, you can get the taxi service at taxi’s counter at the airport. Or you can use Travel service that you can easy  found their counter at the airport

2. Private Pick Up & Transfer Service
This could be one of the best option if you wish to enjoy your holiday without hassle and bustle. You can pre-book a private transfer service to reputable local tour operator or  for an assistances. Traveling in the group and share the fares will make it even much cheaper.

3. Public Transportation
Take a minibus from the bus terminal (Mandalika) to Praya, then swift to bemo to Sengkol, then swift another bemo to Kuta. Prices are change every year especially the “Fuel Raise” in Indonesia also affect the land transportation fares. Tips: use your negotiation skills before entering the car, as if they see tourist, they charge double or even unrealistic fare.

4. Shuttle Bus
To eliminate hassle and bustle, shuttle bus could be one of a good option, even though travel time can be long because the bus will have many stop over dropping and picking up other passengers from their hub/offices in main tourist attraction like Senggigi or Bangsal Harbour.

Need further information for booking accommodation and transportation at Kuta Beach Lombok, please send your email to info@lombok-eccotour.com